Wizard Airbrush & Body Art -         Temporary Airbrush Tattoos, Face, Hair & Body Painting
Frequently Asked Questions:
Are TATs Safe?
Yes. All of our inks contain FDA approved ingredients.
How long does it take to get a TAT?
On average, one to three minutes.
How long will my tattoo last?
Everyones skin is different. With proper care it can last a week 
or more. It can be removed sooner with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. 
Can I go swimming with it on? 
Yes, the ink dries instantly and is waterproof in minutes.
Can you tattoo our logo design?
Yes, if you give us enough notice and permission, we can have a
custom designed stencil made of your logo.
Do you do private parties?
Yes. From Birthday parties to High School Grad. nites and more!
Contact us for details and to get a quote to see if we available
for your event. Book early, our calender fills up quick.
                       Our SERVICES    
 Our prices start as low as $95.00 per hour for small private parties 
 with no-limit on the number of Tats.  All parties do however require 
 a 2-hour minimum booking, which includes all the supplies we use.
 Larger Events such as Corporate Parties, Promotional Events, and
 School Functions are only $299.00 for the 2-hour minimum booking
 required and is free of charge to your guests. Cost per each
 additional hour is $99.00 when booked in advance.
 50% Deposite required at time of booking to hold your date.
 Please call us for more information and pricing options. 605-201-3864
 Be sure to watch Web-site for Specials and Discounts!
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Now Offering....  "Stencil-Eyes" Airbrush Face Painting
                   Glow In the Dark Temporary Tattoo Ink                                                 
                    COOL Bandanas to fight the summer Heat
                                      Custom Glass Etching ... (call for options & price)

Products we use: 
                    Pro Aiir Hybrid...                      
                       Temporary Waterproof Airbrush Body Makeup 
                            & Black Light Fluorescent Glow in the Dark 
                            Graftobian F/X Aire...   
                           Temporary Airbrush Face & Body Make-up 
                            used in Hollywood for Special Effects & HD 
                           Graftobian Glitter Glam... 
                       Glitter Gel for Eyes and Lips 
                           Graftobian Colored Glitter Spray   
                         (All Products Remove with Soap and Water) 
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